Seattle Area Home Inspection Services
  • Thorough and detailed inspection of all interior and exterior surfaces and systems.
  • Verbal summary of any major defects and marginal concerns.
  • Written report, with pictures, detailing the inspection findings.
    • Some inspection services rely exclusively on a verbal summary at the time of inspection.

Selling a Home
  • Pre-listing:
    • Conducted prior to a home being listed for sale.

    • Used to determine pre-listing repairs, help establish a listing price, and anticipate potential points of negotiation during the sale.

    • Written report is sometimes shared with potential buyers.

Buying a Home
  • Pre-offer:
    • Generally utilized prior to bidding on a home in a competitive multi-offer housing market.

    • Tends to rely on verbal reports.

  • Under Contract:
    • The most common type of inspection.

    • Occurs once a contract has been signed by a potential buyer.

    • Used to identify any defects that justify further negotiations.

    • Used for planning future maintenance and component replacement.

    • Rarely deficiencies are found that may lead to buyers deciding not to purchase the home.

Owning a Home
  • Construction Warranty:
    • New construction or recent remodel.

    • Identify any repairs a contractor may need to make prior to the expiration of any warranties.

    • Warranties tend to be for one year so this inspection makes sense to have around the 10-month period, once the home has gone through all the seasons.

  • Home Improvement and Maintenance Planning:
    • For homeowners who would like a consultation on prioritizing home maintenance and improvement projects prior to hiring any contractors.

    • Includes a review of previous inspection reports as well as a new inspection.

Home Inspection Costs
Inspections with Written Report
  • Condos up to 1500 square feet: $385

  • Homes up to 2500 square feet: $485

  • Every Additional 500 Square Feet: +$50

Inspections with Verbal Reports
  • Up to 2500 square feet: $285

  • Every Additional 500 Square Feet: +$50

  • Re-inspection fee: $150 - $200

  • Additional fees may apply for Duplexes and Townhouses

*Payment is due at the time of inspection. Check is the preferred method of payment although credit cards are also accepted.

Written Reports
  • Generally ready within 24 hours.

  • Delivered as URLs with embedded clickable links.

  • Findings are color-coded and sorted according to perceived priority.

  • Can be printed or downloaded as a pdf.

  • See pictures below for examples and click through a sample report here.

Call/Text: 206.919.9083


 Washington State Home Inspector License #1614

Structural Pest Inspector License #97923